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About You

You want to achieve exceptional sales results, closing upwards of 70% of the leads you pursue.

And you want to sell in a way that demonstrates you are authentic, transparent and ethical.

You may be experienced or have never sold before. Either way, you want to attract Buyers and have them buy from you because they feel you understand what they value and they trust you to deliver that. And so, they’re happy to buy from you even though you’re not the cheapest.

You want to be your natural self, not a sales stereotype, and do what really works by being what buyers really need.

And you are prepared to commit to learning and practicing the behaviors that produce results.

About Patrick Boucousis

My entire career has been B2B complex sales. Running companies, building and coaching sales teams and of course selling.

I coached my sales teams personally, teaching them to connect with buyers to help them buy. And they won more business and at much higher margins than their peers. Inevitably I guess, I was approached by other companies to coach their sales teams, which led to me codifying my methods as Same Page Selling.

I then formed The Sales Natural as an online training and coaching program developed to teach the SPS method, which enables Sellers to achieve exceptional sales results by behaving naturally. Authentically, transparently and ethically.

It challenges the stereotype of sales being about push and pitch techniques designed to manipulate buyers into saying ‘yes’. Techniques that alienate rather than attract buyers.

Instead, the Same Page Selling methods taught in the program have the Seller quickly gaining the trust of buyers by taking the trouble to properly understand them.

And that is how I run the program too. I am as invested in the success of those that trust me to coach them as they are in themselves.

And I invite you to talk to my students to discover that for yourself. Let me know.

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