Sick of Losing  Sales?

Become one of the 7% of Sellers that WIN 70%* of the time!

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*8 out of 10 Sellers win less than 40% of the time (Rain Group).

Losing Sales Sucks

  • Constant pressure of not meeting target.
  • That feeling that Buyers don't value you.
  • Always seem to be haggling over price.
  • It is time consuming (takes as long to lose a sale as to win one).
  • How does it feel? Really?
  • It kills your income

...and it means you're not on the same page as Buyers.

Get on the same page and...

Grow Your Influence

through increased personal credibility and confidence.


as different and of greater value than your competitors.

Win more Sales

more easily, more enjoyably, and without haggling.

Eliminate Pressure

and the personal stress and anxiety of losing sales.

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I understand the pressure you're under...

I've been in B2B complex sales my entire working life and together with the teams I've led and coached, endured the constant pressure to exceed target quarter after quarter.

I get it.

Then one day I thought 'why?' Why go through that pain?

That was my flashbulb moment.

I worked out an approach that had Buyers collaborating with us to create and agree our offer, before we offered it. As they created it, they accepted it!

I then called it Same Page Selling.

Patrick Boucousis

My clients are happier and better understand the value they are getting from me and so I’m winning higher value sales at higher margins, because I no longer discount as I once used and to cap it off, my sales are up at least 30%.

Adrian Harrison Commercial Photographer

The program is brilliant! Learning how to leverage my natural curiosity and engage with buyers as fellow human beings has been eye-opening. My relationships are now more natural, meaningful, and fun. I’m winning new clients and growing project values with current clients.

Greg Manko Manko Marketing Inc.

This doesn’t fit the traditional mould. It's refreshing! It seems counter-intuitive to 'learn’ to be natural and it's revolutionary in its simplicity. I see my role in a new light and I am achieving a much deeper and more results-focused engagement with buyers.

Anita Galiford Chief of Business Development

Achieving target year on year, I thought I was a 'good' salesperson, but I wanted to be great. I've done a lot of sales courses, but nothing like this. Now I really am becoming great! I'm winning jobs before I even quote and selling 30% more.

Philip Walsh Security Systems


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Same Page Selling is the 4-step approach that makes your value obvious to Buyers in every Sale.


Engage with Buyers authentically as your natural self, not as a 'Seller'. You quickly gain trust and get onto their page to see their world through their eyes...


Gain insights into what Buyers value, which governs what they buy (needs are only why they buy). Now you know what Buyers value, they want you to collaborate with them to help them get it...


Identify Buyer Value Gaps (difference between what they have and what they want) then collaborate to co-invent ways to close the Gaps. You agree solutions and required investment...


Dovetail (match) your product/service to the solution you agreed with Buyers (first mention of you product/service) and as it matches their solution, they buy it... without negotiating!

You and Your Prospects will Feel the Difference.

Not on the Same Page

  • Having to cut price to compete.
  • Constant pressure/stress of negotiation.
  • Pressure to quote before you are ready
  • Defending/justifying your price.
  • Loss of pricing and personal credibility.
  • Fewer Sales. Less income.

On the Same Page

  • Close sales at your price.
  • Consensus between you and Buyer replaces negotiation.
  • Collaborative conversations about value instead of price.
  • Agree offers with Buyers before quoting.
  • Enhance pricing and personal credibility.
  • More Sales, more income, more easily.


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