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 Be authentic and help Buyers get what they Value* (vs. Need) and they buy.

*e.g., job security, recognition, advancement, lifestyle etc.

How I Doubled My Win Rate.

Buyers (yes, in B2B) buy what they want* not what they need. You know that, right?

So I developed 'Value' Discovery, which is totally different to traditional needs discoveries, as it gets to each Buyer's Perceptions of Value. They must really trust you to share that. 

My Clean Selling approach made that happen. It is 100% Buyer-centric and gains trust in 1-2 interactions and value insights my competitors never got.

I could then position my solution so each Buyer feels they get what they value and my win rate hit 70% plus. Yours can too. I'll show you how!

Patrick Boucousis

I abide by the Seller Code of Conduct

*What they value i.e., what's in it for me (WIIFM)!

Grow Your Influence

through increased trust and personal credibiity.


as different and of greater value than your competitors.

Win more Sales

more easily, more enjoyably, and without haggling.

Eliminate Pressure

and the personal stress and anxiety of losing sales.

And it Works...

Adrian Harrison
Commercial Photographer

My clients are happier and better understand the value they are getting from me. And I am quoting less and winning more and larger projects. I no longer discount as I once used and to cap it off, my sales are up 40 to 50%.

Anita Galiford
Chief of Bus Dev

This doesn’t fit the traditional mould. It is revolutionary in its simplicity. Learning how to be natural seems counterintuitive. I see my role in a new light and I am achieving a much deeper and more results-focused engagement with buyers.

Matthew Callow
Head of Sales

I was a technical expert thrust  into a Head of Sales position and with Patrick's coaching, I had my sales strategy built in weeks, core sales processes established in a month and was winning 83% of our opportunities inside the year!

Bev Carroll
Sales Director

This program was inspiring. Discovering what is of value to buyers changes your conversation and builds trust. This program has helped me to achieve sales I may previously have lost by getting me to stay focused on what buyers value.

Lost sales mean Buyers cannot see the value they want in what you offer.

With the 'Clean Selling' sequence you become their obvious source of value...


with Buyers as your natural non-salesy self, so you quickly gain trust and get onto their page, so they want you to...


to explore their 'Perceptions of Value' and the 'Value Gaps' between what they have and what they want. You then...


their solution by working together to specify what they need to close their Value Gaps, and then you....


because you match your offering to the solution you helped them invent. And as it is their solution they buy it!

You and Your Prospects will Feel the Difference.

    Traditional Selling

  • Having to cut price to compete.

  • Constant pressure/stress of negotiation.

  • Pressure to quote before you are ready.

  • Having to defend/justify your price.

  • Loss of pricing and personal credibility.

  • Fewer Sales. Less income.

    Clean Selling

  • Close sales at your price.

  • Consensus replaces negotiation.

  • Conversations are about value not price.

  • Agree offers with Buyers before quoting.

  • Enhanced credibility.

  • More Sales, more income, more easily.

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