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There’s any amount of evidence that buyers don’t trust (much less value) most salespeople. These days, to be called a ‘typical salesperson’ is hardly flattering.


It’s not, of course, that (typical) salespeople are inherently dishonest. It’s not who they are, but how they sell. They come across to buyers as pushy and self-centred, focused on their need to make a sale, rather than on empowering buyers to achieve greater business outcomes.

It's no wonder decision makers do their best to avoid rather than engage with salespeople.

There must be a better way. A way to be the exception, the one buyers want to see. 

And there is…

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Sell more by ‘selling’ less

Hi, I’m Patrick Boucousis and I’ve been training and coaching B2B salespeople for over 30 years – since I had something of an epiphany.

I discovered that if I didn’t ‘sell’ buyers and instead helped them to buy, I won a lot more business and at much higher margins. And with a lot less effort (angst).

I went on to encapsulate my methods in a ‘live’ training course. However, transformation doesn’t occur in a classroom. It happens back in the field where ongoing reinforcement is critical, and I’ve never been satisfied that worked as well as it should. And so...

I explored ways to support the process, which led me to the realisation that the most effective medium for enabling sales transformation is the progressive style of learning that’s only possible with an online course, reinforced with sustained coaching.  And so I created The Sales Natural.

The Sales Natural approach is transformative and The Sales Natural program is the comprehensive guide and support framework that enables that transformation. Salespeople -- even inexperienced salespeople -- learn how, by being their natural selves and behaving authentically, transparently and ethically, they can…

  • Get to buyers, make an impact and engage them in conversations they enjoy.
  • Clearly stand out from competitors (even if your products/services don't).
  • Build trust, credibility and influence quickly.
  • Collaborate with Buyers in friction-free partnerships.
  • Discover what Buyers value and how to be their preferred source.
  • Create offers that Buyers will naturally buy -- with little or no negotiation.
  • Stay on track. Know what to do next from Lead to Close.

Sell More!...

By Selling Less

by Patrick Boucousis

More than 60 tips and techniques on how to 'naturally' be of real value to Buyers and...

- Eliminate Rejection
- Be Welcomed by Decision Makers
- Eliminate Objections
- Stand out from Competitors
- Create Offers that get Bought

…and much more



 ‘Sheer utility...straightforward common-sense approach...something of a revelation! Get a real feeling that we can do better business the more we get used to it (Simon Brady)

‘Fantastic tool to quickly assess situations and action plan going forward; using a team with no need for detailed understanding of the situation' (David Fairnie)

‘Fantastic. Can't wait to implement into the business and help my team implement into their profession' (Mark Phelan)

‘Innovative thinking, brilliant delivery...fantastic' (Ben Soames)

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