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Win Consistently with Value-Focused Selling

Be a Value-Based Seller

  • Engage Prospects in conversations they enjoy i.e., about them, not you.

  • Quickly grow trust by displaying zero self-interest (the #1 trust killer).

  • Have Prospects tell you what they value not simply what they need.

  • Stand out from competitors (even if your products/services don’t).

  • Collaborate with Prospects to create solutions they buy.

  • Close sales without friction:
    no objections
    no negotiation
    no price haggling/discounting.
    Yes, really! And much more.

  • Your Coach: Patrick Boucousis

    The consummate Sales Natural, Patrick learned early in his career that personal integrity and a focus on being of personal value was the key to sales success. And he’s been ‘walking the walk’ ever since, selling, training, coaching, running businesses and winning deals from $600 to $60M.

    Patrick coached his own sales teams personally and they all won more business and at higher margins than their peers. Inevitably, Patrick was approached by numerous companies to coach their sales teams, which led to him codifying his value-based methods in a formal training program.

    That program has now been enhanced for online delivery as The Sales Natural Masterclass. It enables Sellers from novice to experienced to learn and practice Patrick’s Clean Selling methods to achieve exceptional sales results simply by behaving authentically as their natural selves.

    The 'Same Page Selling' Method

    Same Page Selling is the value-based approach to selling that transforms average Sellers into Sales Naturals.


    Quickly grow trust with Buyers by getting onto their page from the get-go and gain insights into what they value and how to become the source of that value. 

    Achieve exceptional sales results by being your natural, authentic and ethical self i.e., by being anything but a ‘typical Seller’.

    Eliminate Price Discussions and have Value Conversations instead. They’re totally different.

    Anyone can become a Sales Natural. You don't need special talents or pre-qualifications. However, what you do need is self-awareness (ego in check), a genuine desire to be of value, a willingness to learn (and be coached) and persistence. You’ve got that right?

    'Learning to be natural': an oxymoron? Consider this. Once you couldn’t, crawl, walk or talk. Those skills weren’t natural to you. You had to learn them and then you became a natural. Similarly, the skills and techniques of a Sales Natural aren’t natural to you — yet. But join the program and practice what you learn, and you will become a natural.

    Is it for Me?

    Being authentic, transparent and ethical works for any situation.

    That said, the focus of The Sales Natural is B2B, typically complex (multi-buyer) sales where the goal is to establish the high-trust relationships essential for repeat business, effective account management and referrals.

    The Sales Natural eliminates the cringe that many people associate with selling.

    Not just for ‘Sellers’.

    Dan Pink in his bestseller ‘To Sell is Human’ cites research that shows workers spend on average 40% of their time ‘selling’ e.g. influencing, whether they’re in sales roles or not. So, let’s be great at it and feel great too!

    At the end of the day, the problem is not with selling so much, as the way most people go about it. Selling needs to be redefined.

    Break the Stereotype

    The Sales Natural is for those keen to break from the stereotype and elevate their practices (and the profession of selling) to achieve exceptional sales results by doing what really works and being what buyers really need

    The Masterclass Program

  • 90-Day Core Skills Embed with Personal 1-on-1 Coaching.

  • 6 themed Modules containing over 50 (3-7 mins) video lessons.

  • Practical exercises and mock interactions with course participants.

  • Live Coaching, Forum, email and phone support.

  • 24/7/365 Access. 

  • Results

    Adrian Harrison, a commercial photographer 
    Based in Sydney, talks about how much more effective he is at handling sales enquiries since he’s been participating in the Sales Natural Masterclass. His value-based approach now has him winning bigger projects and he has increased his sales by more than 40%.

    Alan Hong Choy used to dread selling. 
    His passion as an accountant was serving his clients and selling seemed inconsistent with that. Alan explains how he joined The Sales Natural Masterclass and learned to create high-trust relationships and lift his conversion rate from 25% to 75%!

    Philip Walsh has always been a good Sellerbut he wanted to be great.

     Good to Philip meant achieving quota, which he has done year on year. However, he wasn’t satisfied with that; he wanted to consistently exceed quota and so he joined The Sales Natural Masterclass. In this video, Philip explains what happened next and how that’s helped him increase his sales by 30%.

    More Results...

    Bev Carroll, Sales Director, Dialog

    I found this course very inspiring. I love meeting people and selling and The Sales Natural program has shown me that it is correct to be authentic, natural and real. I have loved having the traditional way of selling challenged.”

    “Discovering what is important and of value to the buyer, changes your conversation and works towards building trust. This program has helped me to achieve sales I may previously have lost by getting me to stay focused on the values and needs of the buyer.

    Greg Manko, Manko Marketing Inc.

    The Sales Natural program is absolutely brilliant. Learning how to leverage my natural curiosity and speak with buyers like fellow human beings has been an eye-opener. I’m winning new clients and increasing project values with current clients. My relationships with buyers across the board are now more natural, meaningful, and fun.

    “As a marketer, I tend to be more on the creative side, and I appreciate how the course has helped me understand the “Why” behind the “What” of my actions.

    “Advancing through the program, I felt I was making real progress, I could immediately apply what I learned and I am now more confident, building trust quickly with buyers, and getting great results!

    Anita Galliford, Chief of BD, ODE Management

    The Sales Natural approach isn’t like the traditional sales training I’ve done. And that’s been refreshing! It may seem counter-intuitive to need to ‘learn’ how to be natural, but it makes complete sense. It starts with the intent of understanding what buyers value by listening to understand rather than to reply. It is revolutionary in its simplicity.

    Patrick’s focus on reinforcing new habits through practise with colleagues in the course means skills are honed in a safe context, which has helped me achieve better engagement with buyers. It is a unique and results-focused approach that gets to the heart of what sales should be about – being of value to the buyer.

    Your Guarantee

    I Practice What I Preach. 

    I gurantee that when you particpate in any Sales Natural program, you will become a more effective Seller, and that you have access to all program benefits until you are satisfied.

    Complete the Accelerated Masterclass and you will be at least 30% more effective or else I will work with you 1-on-1 for free until you are!

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