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Same Page Selling
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Ideas, Tips and Insights on being a

'Value-Focused Seller'

Are You a Natural?

Sales Naturals are, well, natural. They’re not ‘salesy’ and so Buyers quickly feel comfortable with them. They get on to the Same Page as Buyers to understand them and to see the world through Buyer eyes . This short and fun quiz will give you a feel for how much of a Sales Natural you might be.

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Assess Your Relationships

How you interact with someone e.g. in a meeting or in a phone call, is a good insight into your relationship with them. The INTIMASEE Meeting Assessment takes just a few seconds to perform and provides great feedback on the style of relationship you’re building and tips if necessary on how to improve it

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The ‘Same Page Selling’ Guides

Value-based Sellers know the four questions that are on every Buyer’s mind that they must have great answers for:

1 Why should I see you?

2 How will you know what I value?

3 Why should I buy from you?

4 How are you different

This series of four Guides will help you nail the answers.

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Introduction to ‘Same Page Selling’ FREE Training Webinar

Learn how to be a Natural and Authentic Value-Based Seller.

Demonstrate to Buyers that you’re authentic, ethical and intent on being of real value to them and they will then want you to collaborate with them to help them gain that value.

This webinar/mini-course shows you how Same Page Selling enables you to do just that.

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