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A Seller Code of Conduct

  • In my dealings with Buyers, I shall… 

  • Be Buyer-Centric by prioritizing their interests to source solutions ahead of my own to make a sale, not simply to be altruistic, but because I genuinely believe that is in my best interests too.

  • Act with Integrity by being ethical, honest, transparent, and notwithstanding my personal interests, free of bias.

  • Appreciate their points of view by being curious, listening attentively, and confirming my understanding with them.

  • Seek to understand their commercial, professional, and (relevant) personal situations, requirements and desired outcomes, and perceptions of value.

  • Focus on their outcomes by collaborating to create solutions that deliver the results/value they want and by appreciating that no product or service is a solution until they say it is.

  • Be sincere by curating relevant information and insights, highlighting what they may overlook, and respectfully challenging their thinking to facilitate informed decision-making.

  • Reduce their risk in buying by acknowledging that change creates risk and by highlighting the risks that I become aware of and potential strategies to mitigate them.

  • Empower their advocacy by recognizing their potential difficulty in gaining stakeholder acceptance of change and equipping them with resources that validate the benefits. 

  • Respect their timelines by appreciating that they will buy when they are ready and that my sales goals are of no interest to them. 

  • Offer fair Commercial Terms that are at least comparable to those I offer to other buyers under similar circumstances. 

  • Support adoption by ensuring they receive the necessary guidance and support to effectively use and gain value from whatever they buy from me. 

  • Represent my employer honestly and conscientiously and apply my best efforts to the achievement of its objectives, short of compromising this Code.

  • Keep Learning to expand my knowledge and capabilities to stay relevant and of value to them.

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