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Masterclass Content

The Clean Selling (free) Introductory course and the (paid) Masterclass have similar content.

The Masterclass goes into greater depth and includes live group coaching, facilitated practice and additional support.

The Accelerated Masterclass includes personalized 1-on-1 coaching.

In the Masterclass you will learn how to:


Engage with each Buyer on their page to grow trust and credibility from the get-go and avoiding the self-interest that kills trust (the real challenge for Sellers).

Have value conversations that Buyers enjoy (rather than needs interrogations they have to endure!).

Listen to really understand Buyers and apply a simple technique to ensure you are of value in every interaction.


Focus on what Buyers value to quickly form mutually beneficial partnerships.

Enjoy collaborative (you're on the same page) friction-free interactions.

Discover what Buyers value (which governs what they choose) and have them wanting you to be their preferred source of value.

Probe for deep insights without causing offense.

Eliminate Buyer Objections (they're a sign of poor technique).


Stand out from competitors as a person of real value from very first contact.

Understand the psychology of interaction and decision-making and tap into the natural human instinct of Buyers to seek value for themselves

Start meetings, phone calls and emails that immediately grab Buyer attention and interest.

Be differentiated from competitors, even if your products and services are not e.g., they are commodities.

Be of Value

Discover how each Buyer perceives value (we’re all different) and how to become their preferred source of that value.

Qualify opportunities early and recognize those you can win and those you cannot and should exit.

Transition conversations from Price to Value and quantify value even when it seems intangible.

Never lose on price.

Create Solutions

Collaborate with Buyers to co-invent their solutions that they then buy or recommend with little or no negotiation.

Avoid Buyer pressure to propose (quote) an offering until you’re ready.

Only do product demonstrations that win sales.

Create offers that you know Buyers will accept without negotiation and without high-pressure closes.

Follow the Steps

The six-step D-E-C-I-D-E sequence to win a sale sets Sales Naturals apart from ‘typical’ Sellers.

It is a series of non-salesy steps that you do with Prospects not to them that has them trusting you to guide them on their Buying journey.

Know where you are at any point in their journey and what to do next.


Matthew Callow

Head of Customer Engagement

I was thrust from a technical expert role into a Head of Sales position. I needed to build a sales strategy, establish a structure, source and deploy technologies to enable success (CRM and Pipeline), recruit various roles, AND begin producing immediate wins.

From the first meeting Patrick disarmed my concerns. He connected with my values, and crafted a personal coaching strategy to ensure success. Within weeks I had my strategy built and had had my core functions established and operating in a month. Within a year we were winning 83% of our opportunities! I can't recommend Patrick enough if you’re looking for an incredibly experienced, strategic minded and empowering coach who can provide you a sureness of success without any of the BS!

Virgo Martin

Sales Director

In my opinion, Patrick is the Coach any sales professional would benefit from.

Patrick's system teaches what successful sales professionals learn to be true after years of experiencing many frustrating losses as well as exciting wins.

If you're new to sales (< 5 years), he will save you years of time. If you've been around longer, he shares some unique perspectives and he sharpens your axe.

The only two ways to learn are from our own experience, or someone else's. I prefer the latter, and Patrick is the man for the job.

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