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Same Page Selling
for Teams

Creating Value-Focused Sales Teams

Why it Works

Traditional sales approaches e.g.
pitching products.
overcoming objections
'always be closing' etc
...are driven by Seller self-interest, which kills trust.
And it is why 98% of people don't trust Sellers.

Same Page Selling...

has none of that.

Instead, by following the six-step D-E-C-I-D-E sequence you will be engaging with Buyers on their terms and quickly growing trust because you display zero self-interest.

You get onto the Buyers' page and soon become their preferred source of value. The D-E-C-I-D-E steps are:

DISCOVER the decision-makers (Buyers). 

ENGAGE in Natural (non-salesy) Conversations with Buyers that quickly grow trust and credibility.

COLLABORATE with Buyers to discover/clarify their needs and Perceptions of Value (POV). 

INVENT with Buyers their solution that meets their Perceptions of Value.

DOVETAIL your offering to match Buyer solutions (first mention of product or service).

Gain Buyer ENDORSEMENT of your offering (get the order).

Not the Usual Training

Traditional Sales Training has a poor results record.
Here’s why…

It is about behavior change: Sales Transformation i.e., moving from traditional product-centric ‘push’ to buyer-centric ‘pull’ processes is about behavior change.

We don't like behavior change. Even when we are convinced it is necessary, we just naturally resist it. That’s human nature. But you know that already. Right?

Embedding new behaviors requires practice, feedback and correction. You don’t get that in a classroom and rarely back on the job either. And so…

We revert to entrenched habits. Interacting with Buyers involves thinking on our feet. Instinct rules and we go back to doing what we’ve always done.

Inadequate post-course reinforcement. New skills aren’t routinely practised. Daily gets in the way and we revert to old habits. We’re human after all. And so nothing changes.

Lack of effective performance improvement metrics..

How You Get Results

The Same Page Selling Program blends self-paced online video training and live coaching with friendly practice sessions that suit how adults learn. Learn a little then practice it. Then build on that by learning a little more, then practice. Rinse and repeat. 

Bite-size Learning. Avoids information overload and the drinking from a fire hose sensation of one or two-day courses.

Learning tailored to needs. You consolidate your understanding and practice each skill before moving to the next. You build upon success.

Self-Assessment tools help you track your performance and plan improvement.

24/7/365 access to learning resources allows you to learn or refresh at any time.

Live Interactive Coaching every two-weeks. And it is personalized. Anything you need help or support with, just ask.

Email/Forum support that is both expert and available when you need it.

Reinforcement is provided by ongoing managed practice and coaching of learned skills.

Overcome fear of asking for help. You have access to an independent and non-judgmental coach.

Schedule your own time. Coaching sessions are scheduled and recorded in the event you are unable to attend or need to review a session.

Cost-effective. No travel and accommodation.

Bottom line: improved ROI.

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